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About Me
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About Me & My Bowhunting experiences. 

Active in Archery & Bowhunting since 1956.
Past Archery Pro Shop/Lanes owner for nearly 20 years.
Independent Bowhunting informational Video producer since 1990.

Archery & Bowhunting has been one of the greatest journies I have been on.

My 1st Pope & Young

What a job!

Born & Raised in Illinois & having excellent Whitetail Bowhunting from day one, it still took 20 years to take my 1st P&Y Buck.  I now live in Iowa & again excellent Whitetail Bowhunting.  I live where some Whitetail Bowhunters dream of hunting.  I have been blessed with family & a great Bowhunting career.


Here's a list of some of my favorite web sites & message boards.

BHNA Videos
Archery Talk

E-mail & Let me know some of your favorites.