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Bowhunting North America Videos-Bowhunting informational DVDs

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Photos of some of my Bowhunting success.


My 48th year-Est. 900# Cow Buffalo.

41 yard shot, complete pass through.  60# Darton Compound & 2216 Easton Aluminum tipped with a 125gr. 3 Blade Rocky Mountain Ironhead made for a quick kill.


A new experience.

My 1st off season informational Bowhunting DVD about Exotics & Wild Hogs.  Where & when.  Action packed & a great time producing over a 3 year period.


Other Bowhunting informational Videos.

"Trophy Illinois Whitetails" is available again in March of 2008 (sold out-not available).  It covers Whitetail Bowhunting information PLUS Wisconsin & Iowa.  PUBLIC access & Managed trophy areas for the Do It YOURSELF Bowhunter.  A guide to point you in the right direction to have a successful out of state Bowhunt for a possible Pope & Young Whitetail.

"Quebec Caribou" is a MUST see if you are planning this once in a lifetime hunt-bow or rifle.  Independantly produced.  Bull Caribou up close passing within feet of our cameras.  1 Archery Bull & several rifle kills shown plus everything you  want to know. $10.00 postage paid.  DVD.

These videos are worth MUCH more than their price tag.

Colorado Mulies is no longer available.


New Videos

Me & my son-in-law with one of the hogs in the making of a exciting informational Bowhunting hog video for release in late 2012.