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Archery & Bowhunting North America Videos & information

About Us
Bowhunting success over the years
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About Us
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I started Bowhunting in 1956 & in 1958 took my 1st Bigame (Whitetail Doe) with a 45# Eddings Recurve & a 4 fletch wood arrow tipped with  a MA-3 blade Broadhead.  It was a 35 yard shot & the Deer went 30 yards.  It is now 2006 & 50 years later.  Bowhunting has been my life.

Our Mission
To share some of our Bowhunting information & experience to further this great sport of Archery & Bowhunting.

We hope our informational DVDs will guide Bowhunters in a direction that they may enjoy & expand their outdoor experience with friends & family as we have over the years.

Me & son-in-law 2005

Our History

I have been Bowhunting & involved in all phases of Archery for 50 years now. In the past I have owned & operated 2 Archery Shops with lanes over 15 years.  Served on State & Local Archery Association Boards.
Competed in all phases of Archery competition & Bowhunting. I was a Archery Column writer for a state wide distributed magazine with several other Bowhunting articles published over the years. I have been a guest speaker (about Archery/Bowhunting) at many assorted functions.   I started making Information Bowhunting Videos in 1990.  I just want to spread the word on this great sport.


Bowhunting North America Videos P.O.Box 221, Rock Falls, Il. 61071   1-563-242-7785